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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

News Du Jour

I have never been a highly political person until recently – and I wouldn’t really say that I am “highly” political now. I am, however, more interested in world and national affairs than I was when I was  a working mother, raising my children, making a living and – oh, yes – working my hardest to get seven uninterrupted hours of sleep at night. But now I have time to indulge in reading the news daily and following politics.

It looks like Republicans are in for some much needed good news with the recent congressional seat gained in Florida by Republican David Jolly. Not that it was a landslide win. We still need to work very hard, if we want to put a dent in the tyranny that is taking over nationally. Tyranny – yes. Governing, no. The Republican party has been trapped in a sinkhole since 2008, but it looks as though things are going to begin reversing.

No one wants Obamacare. The Sebillus gang has cooked the books so many times that even they have no clue how many people have actually signed up and PAID THEIR FIRST OBAMACARE PREMIUMS. No one is connected to reality on that side of the political aisle. From current figures, it has also become apparent that the only people signing up for Obamacare are NOT the uninsured for the most part. Instead, people who already had insurance are the only ones who are signing up for Obamacare.  Only now, most have higher premiums, astronomically higher deductibles and health coverage that is less comprehensive. The government has also performed some very slick sleight of hand in dumping inmates’ health coverage into the Medicaid pool – making it more difficult for existing Medicaid members to get the ongoing medical treatment that they need. Fewer doctors and medical facilities are honoring Medicaid.

The country has become weary of listening to the Obama administration’s excuses on the NSA, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, how much Snowden knows, Bagdad-Bob-Jay-Carney’s news conferences emanating from an alternate reality and liberals whining about Fox News. Regarding the latter, my guess is that most liberals have never watched Fox News.

So, on March 12, 2014, this is how the world goes round. Oh, a couple more news items of special interest:

1.       A family was held captive by their 22-pound house cat; and

2.       Lena Dunham might quit acting.

Regarding the family held captive by the cat: The cat is okay, and the owners have been remanded to therapy. And Lena? Whatever publicity she decides to seek, whether it be in acting or endorsing the right of women to run around naked, let’s just hope that Lena keeps her clothes on.

Over and out until next time.