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Monday, January 19, 2015

Presidential Protocol

We want a president who knows – or is at least willing to learn protocol. I’m talking about knowing not to salute U.S. Marines while holding a coffee cup in his saluting hand, not to bow to the Saudi king and not to play golf immediately after announcing that an American has been beheaded by Islamic terrorists. Who can forget Obama’s "selfie" with British Prime Minister David Cameron and the ever-attractive Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt as Michelle Obama scowls in the background? Where is Wisdom?

President Obama’s other faux pas and breaches of protocol have consistently painted a picture of an inexperienced, petulant, out-of-touch president who simply doesn’t care whom he offends or how he breaks with presidential decorum and long-established protocols that have been put in place for good reason. There is no honor in being the first president to appear on The Tonight Show. Indeed.

There is so much wrong with this president’s grasp on presidential protocol that it would take volumes to articulate it all. My favorite faux pas is when, at a dinner in the U.K. with British Royalty, President Obama begins speaking during “God Save the Queen”:

Camilla nearly laid an egg.

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