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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wendy Davis Embellishes her Timeline and Life Story

Wendy Davis, Texas candidate for governor, seems to have used "creative recollection" in recounting her life facts for the media. Wanting to be seen as a "self-made," hard-working legislator who was married and divorced with a child by the age of 19, Wendy fudged on the timeline a bit. In reality, Wendy was 21 -- not 19, which is a little less remarkable than originally stated. Her time of living in a "trailer" supporting herself and her child was all of three months.

Wendy's life got easier when she married her second husband, attorney Jeff Davis, and her life became more financially viable than the one in the story she painted of helping to support her family from the age of 14. I am sure that Wendy's second husband helped out significantly.

In fact, it is reported that Wendy's husband Jeff Davis won parental custody of his daughters with Wendy when they divorced in 2005, and Wendy was ordered to pay child support on both.

My beef with Wendy Davis is her support of late-term abortion. I cannot support a candidate who purports the legality and twisted morality of painfully killing fully-formed babies in utero and then delivering their dead bodies.


My hope is that Abortion Barbie will change her pro-late-term-abortion stance and become a pro-life candidate instead. This, I think, would be a better choice.


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