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Monday, January 27, 2014

Why I'm Not Watching the State of the Union Address

Why watch something as predictable as the State of the Union Address? It is an exercise in frustration. We didn't break our government, and -- the way things are now -- common citizens have very little hope of fixing the colluded, corrupt mess that our leaders have marched us into.

First, there will be a huge plug for ObamaCare that will be centered in our liberal government's alternate reality of denial and vacuous affirmation. If I want that, I will listen to Louise Hay or Tony Robbins. At least some of those affirmations are true and centered in the real world. Obama will talk about cheap birth control, access to abortions and not going bankrupt because of a serious illness. For your average secular citizen, this may seem promotable. But for Christians, some cannot promote birth control and most cannot sanction abortion. This is driving companies out of business (can you say, "Hob-by Lob-by," please) and, if the Supreme Court rules against their challenge, the Little Sisters of Charity may have to offer abortion services and birth control medications to their celibate members.

Next, Obama will tout immigration reform. For the Dems, immigration reform consists of unabated amnesty overloading our government's medical, welfare and housing-assistance programs to name a few. This will bankrupt us. While I am definitely an advocate of legal immigration and extending a compassionate open hand to non-citizens who are willing to work through their way through our current immigration process, I also believe that unrestrained immigration is a liberal manipulation device that will ruin our conservative social and religious freedoms. We do not want to become a one-party society.

The third thrust of Obama's speech will  be about other ear ticklers, like clean-coal and wind-farm technology -- even though Obama has all but obliterated the coal industry in the United States. He will talk about how we are going to be completely out of the Middle East by the end of his term in office -- and maybe even by the end of the year. Obama won't talk about how his politically-driven Middle East policy is leaving our interests here and abroad at the hands of malevolent groups who have hijacked Islam and wish us to become their brand of Islam or perish. Obama has not the courage to stand up to terrorism nor to the terrorists who are slaughtering peaceful, law-abiding Christians in the Middle East and those who want to obliterate our ally, Israel. In fact, in Syria, our government has been giving Islamic rebels some of the weapons they are using for the mass-murder of Middle Eastern Christians.

After all this, Obama may launch into a soliloquy on divisive government (he's referring to conservatives who refuse to rubber stamp his policies) and drive home his latest expose on how he plans to leave Congress in the dust, hop on over the Constitution in-total and sign lots of executive orders for bringing forth the "fundamental change" he wants to be remembered for.

As for me, when the State of the Union Address airs tomorrow, I'm going to tune in to The Shahs of Sunset and then to Fox News. That way I can be entertained, informed and go to bed happy.

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