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Friday, January 24, 2014

White House Blog-Wash

Valerie Jarrett                                                                           

First I was annoyed that I was on the mailing list of the White House Blog. Second, I was displeased that today’s blog entry was from Valerie Jarrett. Third, I decided to read what Ms. Jarrett had to say, and – as I suspected – it was framed for the average Fifth Grader, discussing the Obama team’s conversations with “the American public about what they hope to hear in the President's address next Tuesday.”

There were photos of Valerie Jarrett sitting at her desk, Valerie Jarrett meeting with her team, Valerie Jarrett moderating a panel and – a much younger – Valerie Jarrett posing with the Obamas.

Caveat:  They don’t call Valerie Jarrett “Rasputin” for nothing.



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