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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Is This Surrender?

Yesterday the news media reported that Iranian-backed Yemeni militia seized American weapons and U.S. vehicles as Americans were told by the State Department to pack up and leave. The American Embassy has shut down operations and is involved in full-scale evacuation of Americans in Yemen. U.S. Marines were ordered to hand over their weapons to Houthi gunmen at the airport.

Now that our service members and diplomats are being bullied and humiliated into leaving, American relations in the country of Yemen have taken on the look of American surrender. Is this what is in store for our efforts in the Middle East? Wasn't Yemen supposed to be Obama's bastion of success?

Today a corrected statement was issued by the Marine Corps that none of our weapons left behind in Yemen have been handed over to the Houthi or taken by them. Believe what you want -- but why are we trusting an unstable new government in Yemen to honor its word?

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