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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What is Wrong With President Obama?

What is wrong with our President? He refuses to use the word “Christian.” He refuses to call Islamic terrorism by its name. He gives the cold shoulder to our biggest ally, Israel, and has gone even so far as to refuse to listen to Bibi Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Old Joe won’t be at that joint session of Congress, either, not that it really matters.

Obama has refused to assist in arming Jordan -- another U.S. ally, I might add – with ISIS at its doorstep. Neither will he help Egypt. It seems that President Obama  is a little sore over al-Sissi’s defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during the Arab Spring. Doesn’t he realize that the Muslim Brotherhood is the terrorist organization that spawned Hamas – another terrorist organization?  Obama also refused to give Jordan and Egypt intelligence on ISIS targets in Syria and Libya.

Quoting the Times of Israel:

 “Ryan Mauro, National Security Analyst for the Clarion Project, wonders why the world agrees that ISIS is morally repugnant even as Hamas gets a pass. ‘Both implement sharia governance, deliberately target civilians, have genocidal beliefs and seek the establishment of a caliphate,’ He further explains that ISIS’s determination to exterminate Iraq’s Yazidi population is “no more egregious” than Hamas’s determination to eliminate millions of Jews. And the only difference between the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and ISIS is in regard to their method of achieving the same goal. The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas wish to establish a Muslim caliphate incrementally, while ISIS is willing to do anything and everything to bring one about as quickly as possible.

President Obama recently met with 15 Muslim leaders, many of whom are in groups spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood is not a benign organization. It is, rather, an existential threat to American values and the American way of life.

President Obama offers the usual “Obama Speak” on being part of a “coalition” to defeat ISIS. If he really believes it, then why is he refusing to help our allies?


*I use these sources because the lame stream media refuses to report on anything that I have written about. What does that say about the major media outlets?

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