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Sunday, February 15, 2015

No Time for Obama-Speak

Three hundred and twenty United States Marines at Al Asad Air Base  in Iraq are being slowly surrounded by ISIS militants– in some places less than five miles away in an area with no cover of mountains, rivers, etc. On Saturday, Isis militants disguised in Iraqi Army uniforms attacked that same base. Those ISIS fighters – some wearing suicide vests – were killed. Some say that it was a probing mission to determine the vulnerabilities of our base. As is very obvious, this is a classic circle-the-enemy maneuver.

The President, just days ago, told us that ISIS was suffering from a morale problem. Is this true? One would think that being so close to causing an American disaster would lift the morale of ISIS considerably. Is our President’s denial going to cause injury to those 300 troops gradually being surrounded by ISIS?

As Judge Janine Pirro said yesterday, “This is no time for “Obama Speak.” Our President need to take the ISIS threat seriously and send reinforcements.

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