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Monday, February 9, 2015

Next Time We Need to Choose a Better President

Next time we will need to be more careful in who we elect as President. In 2008, America was impressed with Barack Obama’s speeches and the promise that his bi-racial makeup held for race relations in our country.  But the electorate put an incompetent into the White House.

We elected a man who had never run a business or been a governor and who had only been a U.S. Senator for a little more than a heartbeat. Nothing in our fledgling President’s background advanced the notion that he could actually do the job of being President.

President Obama was large on ideology but small on practicality. He did not know how to work with Congress. His narcissistic personality traits became painfully apparent when he slept through the Benghazi debacle and played golf immediately after telling the country about the James Foley beheading.

The President has failed to plan strong policies to defeat ISIS or to actually enforce his “red lines.” He is guilty of serial dishonesty on every level. Remember: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”? He has done all of this while failing to use the word “Islamic” in describing worldwide Islamic terrorism. He has lied to all of us on climate change, unemployment and immigration – all while snubbing our biggest ally (Israel) and facilitating Iran’s unrelenting march closer and closer to nuclear capability.

Next time we need to closely scrutinize the candidates’ resumes and put a leader in office who is competent in preserving U.S. interests and who can actually do the job.

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